I must admit, I resisted. Why? I remember seeing a sloth as a child, and was absolutely TERRIFIED by those huge claws! This fear stuck with me I guess, and, well, sloths never really rocked my boat.

But finally, after another strong request, I thought I should give it a shot.

green sloth1

And, as like every animal I paint, I actually spend a LOT of time learning about the animal.   So I curled up with a cuppa (ok, maybe not a cuppa, more like a scotch), and started learning and BOOM!! Suddenly I’M HOOKED ON SLOTHS!!

Omg, such incredible creatures!  Freaking unique right?  Here’s a quick synopsis…

Size matters, right??

Ancient sloths were the size of an ELEPHANT!

Why are sloths green??

Sloths have an entire ecosystem in their FUR!! Beetles, algae, spiders, bugs… EWWW!!!

Taking it Slow..

On the ground they move no faster than 30cm per MINUTE…. Try getting this sloth ready for school hey mums!!


Well, that was enough for me to create an original painting, which, BTW sold within 3 hours of hanging in my Hastings Street Gallery!

Me sloth and Its owner magnificent Maryla1 1

SOOOOOO….. After a LOT of nudging and demanding from you guys… SLOTH MERCH AVAILABLE END OF NOVEMBER!!!

Sloth Placemat Coaster1


Sloth Cushion Cover1


sloth card1


My Sloth Original was sold within four hours. Here is the very first Hand Finished Limited Edition in Mixed Media Microflow – My goodness, it just glistens!! Any sloth lovers who want a Christmas present?

sloth hfle1

Tracey Keller 2019
“Why Are Sloths Slow?”
Hand Finished Limited Edition 10/100
Acrylic Microflow and Resin on Canvas
120cm x 90cm

Sooooo….. There you go – Just like the sloths, I do hope this blog reminds you gently of the power of taking it slow and move at your own pace.

Until the next colourful blog, stay extraordinary!

Big hugs!

tracey xx e1534394639509