TK’s Noosa Gallery has always been the place where smiles abound. For some reason, the bright, happy paintings create smiles on the wee toddlers and equally to the over 80’s. Something that Tracey and her team are inspired and delighted by!  

Tracey Keller Gallery1

Sooo…. a few months ago and a gentleman called Hiroshi visited. He was at a working conference and was enchanted by the pieces he saw. So much so, he actually asked to meet TK and discuss a private commission.

And….. Well, when given the opportunity to make suggestions, TK does get a wee bit creative.

Hiroshi and his family live in Japan. They love Australia. And the Aussie Animals.

Hiroshi also loves his family, his wife, Manami. And his twin girls, Hiromi and Shiho.

Hiroshi and Family1
And then the idea came to fruition.
TK Asked for a wee essay about Hiroshi, his family, their favourite colours, blue, green, pale blue, and white. And this is her suggestion:
Tracey Keller Basic Composition1
Hiroshi decided on the 90cm x 120cm canvas because it was to go in a special place that needed that exact size.
Lounge Room1
So TK started the creative process….. 
Work in Progress1
And then the hessian (with a little help cleaning from Studio Assistant, Pene!)…
TK and Pene1

… And then TK applies copious layers of paint in her signature “blob” style. There are at least 5 layers here btw….

And, quiet a few days later, this is the finished result!

4 kangas1

Tracey Keller Original
4 Kangas
Acrylic, Hessian and Resin on Canvas
90cm x 120cm

…And a close up pic!
Detail Pic1
“Wow, it’s so GORGEOUS!!! I totally love this invaluable work! Thanks billion for sharing your genius creative, Tracey!”


AND….  Look what then has come to mind!
Kangaroos cushion Cover1

So a family celebration is going to soon be available as a cushion cover! To pay the family celebration further!

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