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Animal Cushions Covers

Our 45 x 45cm cushion covers are printed on a 100% polyester soft brushed fabric with an invisible zipper and adorned with amazing Tracey Keller artwork.

Our cushion covers are waterproof which makes them suitable for either the indoors or outdoors! They’re perfect on the lounge suite, as throw pillows on the bed, poolside, or your outdoor lounge.

Can you customise animal cushion covers to other sizes?

We currently have one cushion cover size - 45x45cm. If you subscribe to our newsletter you will be the first to know if we ever add other sizes!

Can I get a customised design on animal print cushion covers?

Unfortunately due to the setup costs, we cannot customise custom sizes for animal cushions. Instead, we have a huge range of covers for you to select from!

Will the colours fade in the sun?

Our animal print cushions are designed for the outdoors, which means they are sun resistant. However, over time, the Aussie sun during the peak of the day, does take its toll and slight fading may occur, yet smiles are still guaranteed!

Are the animal print cushion covers stain proof?

Unfortunately not, they're just like every other cushion you purchase and if you wish, you can add a protector to the fabric such as scotch guard.