Ever wondered what goes through the best animal artists’ minds? For Tracey, it’s Mother Nature at her most raw; her kind and self-revelatory provides the starting point for each of Tracey Keller’s playful, colourful animal paintings and pet portraits.

Working with an aesthetic that varies from hyperrealism to her own brand of quirky impressionism, she creates comic and endearing portraits of animals. Born, raised and based in Queensland, Australia’s Keller is a passionate adventurer and nature enthusiast; both above and below sea level, which has led her to innumerable face-to-face encounters with her subjects. These experiences give each masterpiece a surprising degree of realism and intensity of definition, which is what the best animal artists strive for. This ability to be both lighthearted, mischievous, and evocative makes each of her paintings instantly engaging and endlessly enjoyable.

Tracey’s foray into the art world commenced with a bang in 1999 when she had a sellout debut solo show; every animal artists dream.

TK working

She has guested in national television shows including The Today Show, Channel Nine and Totally Wild, and much critical acclaim for her work in frequent media reviews and interviews. Tracey works closely with many charities, including Friends with Dignity, Butterfly Foundation, Precious Wings, B1G1 and she has raised over $1,500,000 to date for these organisations. Tracey is rapidly gaining momentum on the national and international art scene and has private collections throughout Australia and in Japan, France, Scotland, UK, USA, Dubai, New York, Germany, Zurich and South Africa.

Tracey is represented by some of the major Australian Galleries in Queensland, NSW and Victoria and keeps busy preparing for exhibitions and loving life!

Tracey likes to think she’s a princess and a beach bum. She works hard at her craft and is continually evolving and developing her style. She works in an idyllic location in the mountains 10 minutes away from the Noosa surf in Eumundi, Queensland, Australia; Once again, an animal artist’s dream.

Her days involve yoga, raw food and painting, plus hanging with her animals and friends. Her mission is simple…

“I paint to create JOY!”

TK and Heighland Coo

tk working

Famous for her quirky “kaleidoscope” animal paintings, thickly layered with paint and pieces of hessian and metal, her new style has been quickly embraced by quite a few of Australia’s leading art galleries and has sellout exhibitions worldwide.

In Tracey’s own words, “I took three months off to travel overseas for inspiration and also complete my yoga teacher training. It was a challenging time not being able to stand at the easel, and as soon as I arrived home, I attacked the canvas with gusto and something different happened. Kaleidoscope is a celebration of this.”

Moving out of the “comfort” of a paintbrush, paints and canvas., Tracey’s new works combine metals, woods, paint, charcoal, oils, metals, fabrics and feathers. “I have been using drills, routers, wood burners…. “

Next will be a chainsaw, I guess!” Tracey laughs.

Over the 15 years of Tracey’s artistic career, she has risen to be dubbed a world renowned animal artist, and has learnt that intention as well as “mistakes” can often translate into a new style or technique that works. In this way, she uses deliberate or accidental events to create works that are unique and meaningful. The paintings reflect how Tracey sees the world and how she would like others to view it.

An example of the artful use of serendipity is the development of Tracey’s first children’s book “A Fish With A Wish”. Unlike most children’s books, the book came about as a result of the author Katrina Logan writing a wonderful tale around Tracey’s paintings. The amazing thing is that unbeknownst to Katrina and as coincidence would have it, Tracey’s first painting was, in fact, a Goldfish! The story concerns a lonely little goldfish who believes that all of the other animals are more interesting. In the story, the goldfish realises that he is just as special and unique as everyone else and this is a tenet that is dear to Tracey’s heart.

Oh, just one more thing…. Tracey also loves brussel sprouts!