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Colourful Placemats, Australian-Style.

A family that eats together, stays together, so grab the opportunity to actually select each of your family member’s favourite animal placemats and encourage your little ones and teens to eat with you together as a family.

Our colourful placemats are heat resistant with a cork backing and will definitely protect your furniture against staining and scratching. Please, they come up with amazing Tracey Keller artworks.

We’ll deliver your placemats, Australia-wide, with an overnight dispatch. For international orders, we’ll happily discuss the best way to get them to you in the shortest time-frame possible.

Buy one for $19, two to four for $17 each. Five to seven for $16 each. Eight or more for $15 each. Select multiple designs, discounts are applied at checkout.

Are My Animal Placemats Dishwasher Proof?

Unfortunately you can't run these colourful placemats through the dishwasher, and although they're durable, it's best not to use a scouring brush on them either to preserve the life of the artwork.

We Deliver Placemats Australia-Wide

If you order before 2pm daily, we'll have your placemats dispatched same day. Usually you'll receive them within 4-7 days, anywhere in Australia.

Do You Offer Customised Designs On Animal Placemats?

Unless you want to order a large quantity above 1000 units, unfortunately we cannot provide customised designs of your animal placemats due to setup costs making it costly and difficult.