I was organising my studio last week and found in the very bottom of a box an old file. With photographs. Waaaayyyy back when the Canon Ixus digital camera was the bee’s knees in digital cameras, and we still took our camera film into a shop to get processed. Sigh… How time flies and tech takes over.

These were some of my very first Pet Portraits! Created between 2000 and 2005. And at the end of this newsletter, you will see my very latest!

It’s a wee walk down memory lane for me, and I thought you might get a kick out of what I used to do waaaay back then!

Are you one of the owners of these? If so, please get in touch so we can give you your Certificate of Authenticity.

Or maybe you know the owner of one of these paintings? Share the love and send them this blog. (Thanks a bunch!)

I used a lot of texture even back then…..

I would love to think that their eyes still show it is one of my paintings – what do you think?

Oh! Wait!! This one was my dog!! Sigh, wonderful Red always used to hang with me in my very first gallery in New Farm.

Sapphire was a beloved team member’s horse. Oh, how I loved painting Saph for Kate! xx

Oh!! Taylor!! Taylor was owned by a famous actress, Paula Duncan, (remember the famous series way back in the 80’s called “Prisoner”?).

I wonder where that painting is now??

Way back then I didn’t think of recording the details of each owner, or even giving them a Certificate of Authenticity!

Request Your Certificate of Authenticity Here!

Wowww. These only feel like I created them yesterday. Such a great memories… Soooo – If one of these are yours, or you know someone who does own one, please let me know!

Email me back with your details, where you are, is the painting still hanging? I would love to know!

Ohhh, Meet Bruce, a labradoodle, my latest Pet Portrait I created in my new painting style we fondly call, microflow.

It’s interesting to look at the past and present. How we all grow and develop over time… I know I’ve had a hoot and will continue to celebrate our beloved pets with my portraits.

Life is a celebration and I am so chuffed that I can create a more joyful happier world through my paintings!

Do you want your own joyful Pet Portrait? Enquire here.

With Love,

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