Now here’s a ripper Private Commission. Gerry and Glenda visited my Signature Gallery in Hastings Street, Noosa while on holiday. They already owned one of my Bronze Cow Sculpture and have decided that they wanted a Tracey Keller painting to hang over the bronze. Such a great idea right?

cow face
cow butt

tk and gerry



They visited me in my studio and we discussed the composition of the painting. Here’s a pic of Gerry and I having a chuckle over the cow ideas!

Gerry and Glenda loved the adorable face of my cow bronze, so we decided to focus on that and have the beautiful cow peering on to the canvas.


So here’s our idea now turned into a sketch:

composition e1536628065320

The next step was to put it on canvas and then have fun with the hessian, resin and blobs! Whilst I was doing this, I felt it needed more. So I eventually came up with a twist – a great way to marry both pieces together was to use some of the sculptural element of the bronze IN the painting! Zoom in – can you see them?

GGs Cow e1536640971332



Look at the body – see how I have actually put in a cog and a bee? Those two intricacies are also in the sculpture.

I have also used metallic copper and golds and bronzes in this painting so it matches the sculpture.

It’s something different and UNIQUE for this special Private Commission.

Here’s a great testimonial from Gerry and Glenda:

It’s just perfect! Thankyou Tracey, the energy and the vibrancy of this piece is amazing and totally compliments the sculpture! Thankyou!

Once again, it shows that going that EXTRA MILE for people makes a huge difference.

More happy customers = A happier world!

… And that is what I want my art to do – create more smiles to create a happier world. And it’s those little things that can make a HUGE difference.

I do hope you have enjoyed another story of mine, and I do hope it gives you a spring in your step and enables YOU to keep on inspiring and smiling!

Big hugs and belly laughs to you and yours.

tracey xx e1534394639509