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Does My Bottom Look Big In This? Edition 6 | Tracey Keller BRONZE Cow Sculpture



  • To read the story of this sculpture, scroll down to Description below (it’s worth a squizz!)
  • Created using the LOST WAX TECHNIQUE – an ancient process that enables intricate detail to be maintained. See the full process here.
  • Each one hand embellished by Tracey Keller and totally unique.
  • Certificate of Authenticity is recorded and given with each sculpture (don’t lose it ok?).
  • This colour range will have a limited release of 20 only.
  • Hand signed and numbered by Tracey, each piece comes in its custom made velvet pouch.

If you are interested in purchasing, please submit the below enquiry and once we confirm availability, we will forward you payment details pronto!

Really? Are you fishing for another compliment you beautiful thing?! Look at you, battering your beautiful eyelashes, wait… did you just wink at me?

Style is your middle name, you love, love, LOVE your bling, yet you also love to get downright dirty. Your clan is your family, generosity is your middle name. you are a hard worker, yet always manage to create time to share with others. Even if it’s just having a cuppa, you somehow manage to make people smile simply by being your loyal loveable self.

Did you know that dairy cows are actually born with horns? Yep, google it! You still have your horns – wear them with pride! Go you good thing!!

I wonder why there is a $ sign on your udder, maybe you are great at shopping? ? Look at the paw prints – cows naturally hang out with dogs so why not huh?

What else can you see? There are at least another 5 significant messages in this piece for you! Keep shining!

See how Tracey created it using the Lost Wax Technique here.