If you’ve been following me in social media, you know that we are building our forever home.

Tracey Keller's Forever Home
OK… yes, this is quite a big task!

At the moment, I am currently styling our interior with plants, and, well… Even the plant pots can’t escape my paintbrush!

Meet Frida! Frida is a Monte Lupo Arts Sculpture from my private collection.
See what I did to the big blue pot? I wanted it to match the mosaic style of Frida and Look! Zoom in on the red dots – they are ladybugs!
noosa pots and plants


I always find inspiration from some amazing local stores, just like Noosa Pots and Plants… I love this place, so friendly, welcoming and stylish.




Every week, I budget around $30 to spend on another cute pot to add to my collection.  I have been purchasing fairly plain black pots so I can add my quirky touches to them.

cow sculpture 1 1

you are extraordinary 1

Scooter 1And for me, PLAYTIME is an important thing to practice.   It helps in sooooooo many ways…

So read on…

From Playtime to Joyous Tears…

Meet Scooter… Scooter is Noosa Pots and Plant’s resident Corgi. Just so paint-able hey? Soooo..  I ask the owner, Graeme, for a pic.

Graeme did give me a bit of a weird look, and he did SMS me this pic…


He honestly didn’t know who I was. Then I came back a few days later with  this:

scooter sketch 1

….. on a pot

scooter pot 2 1

scooter pot 1 1

…So I could tell you what happened next, but, instead, I think Graeme’s SMS to me simply says it all!

phone testi e1538640767671

It’s important for all of us to give.  It doesn’t have to be of a monetary value.  It can be a smile, a flower, or a scribble on a pot….  Sometimes the power of giving is far greater than what we realise.
Random acts of kindness can (and will!) change the world.

Just like Scooter!


Warning – if you start these random act of kindness, it does become quite addictive since it feels sooooooo good!!

.. Just doing my bit again to ensure happy art creates a happier world!!

Big hugs!!