echidna painting tracey kellerDid you know I have been painting Pet Portraits for almost 17 years? Wow, that is a lot of dogs, cats, birds, wombats, cows, bats, alpacas, snakes, rats, monkeys and brontosaurauses! (Ok that last is just to check that you are reading lol!).

This “job” of mine has taken me all around the world, way back in 2003 I actually lived in New York, and whilst I was exhibiting over there, I actually “met” over 20 pets and their owners for portraits – oh btw… they were all dogs, not one cat – go figure??

Painting a pet portrait is just an absolute joy for me – I get an opportunity to celebrate the pure love the animal has for the owner, and vice versa. Whether it is a posthumous celebration, from a photograph, or even meeting the pet in “person”, I still love connecting with the owner and creating their special piece.

Since it is a special painting, for a special person, of a special animal, I like to know a bit more, than just seeing a photograph. I love to learn a bit about the animal…. So I give the owner some homework…. And here’s a brief explanation that shows the quirkiness of me, pet and owner!!

Oh, and here’s some more pics of a recent comp I had going on Pet Portraits Daily by Tracey Keller. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook!

4 thoughts on “Pet Portraits with a Joyous Twist by Tracey Keller

  1. Tess Jakupec says:

    Hi there,

    Just enquiring as to roughly how much you charge for one of your “smaller pet portraits”?

    Thanks in Advance,


  2. amy says:

    hi Tracey

    I have ordered 2 paintings from you already and love them. I was hoping to get a pet portrait completed of my 2 cats roughly 90cm by 90cm textured print. I was just wondering how much that would roughly cost? thanks amy

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