tracey keller rooster painting“I asked for Tracey to paint a commission rooster for my family house. My family and I had seen Tracey’s artwork when we were away for a weekend which was for a recent anniversary of my Mum’s death. Given the event we were remembering my family and I were all very sad at this time, when we stumbled across Tracey’s artwork we found the colours and the animals to be very uplifting and hence we wanted one of Tracey’s pieces in the entrance of our home.

Tracey and I had a good discussion over the phone about what we wanted she mentioned she felt my Mum sounded like the type of person who loved the colour blue (which was right everything in her life was blue) so Tracey wanted to place a bigger emphasis on incorporating blue paints into the artwork.

We absolutely adore the painting. Every time anyone walks into our house they comment on how uplifting the painting is and always makes everyone smile. For our family it makes us smile as it makes us think of our Mum and the colours and vibrancy of the painting can’t help but lift your mood.

We are really grateful for the work you did for us Tracey and thank you for brightening up our house with such positive and beautiful art.”

The Carter Family xox