Hello there animal lover!

So most of you know I specialise in pet portraits, over the years I have painted a wide variety of animals – dogs, cats, wombats, alpacas (did you know alpacas love spitting? I copped one right between my eyes… uuugh), snakes, lizards, rabbits, birds, pigs… to name a few…

Anyways, what I love about pet portraits is that I get an opportunity to actually learn about the owner and the animal, and this is the essence I put into my very special painting. The result, a happy chortle, or even sometimes a tear, from the owner. (BTW, I know I have really nailed it when the owner actually speaks to the painting as if it’s the animal – for real!)

So I thought I would quickly share with you part of the very important pet portrait process…. I always ask for a wee essay about the animal, some people send me a paragraph, others pages and pages…. The reason I ask for this is simple – I am painting a really really special painting for the owner… a painting they will treasure forever, and this humbles me… So the more information I can get, the more I can paint this into the painting.

So, at the top of this blog is Millie, and here’s the pic of Mille, and here’s her essay…. Cool huh? ThankYOU so much Judith for letting me paint Millie for you, I had a HOOT!



And to finish, here’s Judith’s testimonial for you! Happy daze!!

“All I can stay is that it looks fantastic and I can’t wait to receive the painting!!!!” – Judith


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