I started painting cows in 2000 after a meaningful chat with a Friesian in a paddock near Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia. We (me and the cow,) bonded over a barbed wire fence. She snorted sweet breaths at me through her velvety nostrils as a globule of spittle dangled from her whiskery chin. I determined then that I would paint her and one cow painting led to another.

cow divingSome of my cows are just standing there gawking at the viewer (as cows do!), others are engaging in various “imaginative” activities, etc…. Welcome to the world of TK lol!

cow  Pirate Ship

Living in Queensland, and travelling through a lot of countrysides, I am never short of a willing model. Peering over a five bar gate or the atypical barbed wire fence, the inquisitive cows are always keen to provide a snort and a dribble at the camera lens.does my bum look good

I work from a pretty awesome studio on my property. I can often be found out and about photographing cows. Also, I am given tip-offs by friends and customers who have spotted some good ones. Each cow has a totally unique personality and this is something I try to capture in each painting, and I do prefer to think of my cow paintings as portraits, since showcasing it’s personality whilst exploring their colour and texture is my focus.

AND, now, I have also available my COW BRONZE!!

Based on this painting “Does My Bottom Look Big In This?”, created a couple of years ago!

My beautiful bronze cow simply resonates quirk and positivity…. Here’s a few snaps of her….
tracey keller cow sculpture 2 tracey keller cow sculpture 3 tracey keller cow sculpture 4 tracey keller cow sculpture

So, yep!! Cows are everywhere in my studio…. Paintings, Textured Prints, Sculptures, Placemats, Coasters, Cushion Covers, Cards…. Bovine central eh??

I do hope this blog has MOOOOOved you! (Sorryyyyyy!)….

Until next blog, keep on inspiring and shining!