Wow, how many emails are we all getting celebrating Christmas ATM huh? It’s great to see so many businesses celebrating Christmas, but I gotta say, I am kinda getting tired of everyone offering sales, specials and “buy me” kinda emails….  sigh….  I am in reduction overload!

SO…. I want to be different, and firstly I want to give you things for FREE!

I am so thankful for everyone’s support over the year,  Team TK is growing, we can now support so many amazing causes and impact the world in a positive way in a global scale via B1G1, and that is thanks to YOU!


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But waaaiiitttt! Don’t forget our 2018 Tracey Keller Calendar!

calendar 1


Tracey-Keller-Christmas-iPhone-Case… And since we feel very generous this Christmas season, we are giving you23% off in your cart with a minimum order of $56. Use this coupon code,XMAS23, when you checkout and shazam! Please note that the coupon code will expire on 17th, Dec.

I hope these gifts make you smile and extend more joy to your family and friends.

What to do next?  Easy!!

For printing, for best results, print on matte photo paper with an inkjet printer (or even try watercolour paper to get a great texture). You can also take the file on a USB to Officeworks and ask them to print on their best archival paper on A4 document. Tell them you’ll be framing this print. You can print it up to A3 document. You can also gift it to your family or your friends!

For framing, it’s your choice!! They do look great in a box frame!

team work

SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!  Once you have your piece hanging up on the wall and styled with your own flavour, make sure you take a pic and tag and share with us, we all get a huge kick out of seeing where our pieces live!

HAVE FUN, BE KIND and KEEP ON SMILING!  … Because you deserve the best!

Happy Holidays from Team TK to yours!!

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