Most of you know that I am so focussed on making a difference to people’s lives. I believe that my JOB, as an ARTIST, is to create JOY. And a simple smile in someone’s heart can make a huge difference to someone’s day, right?

“Tracey Keller is the number one artist PET PORTRAIT ARTIST… Hands down, by far!” Dianne M, Victoria

I find the fact that people want to commission me to celebrate their beloved pet SUCH an honour – and this is something I do not take for granted. In order for me to capture that special “thing” about your pet, we work together closely. It’s not just about painting from a photograph. I get you to write me a wee story, I ask questions, and suddenly, I actually “feel” your pet. Then it’s time to put it on canvas. And that is the start of something special for YOU!

So, instead, here’s a story from one of my VIP couple, who commissioned me to paint two smaller and very cute portraits of their schnauzers, Inga and Ludwig.

ludwig sketch

Ludwig Schnauzer Pet Portrait Tracey Keller
50cm x 40cm
inga sketch

50cm x 40cm

inga and ludwig tracey keller schnauzer pet portrait

How did you find out about TK?

I first came across TKs work on Facebook a few years ago. I was instantly drawn in by the colour and fun vibe of her work. I sent off an enquiry to get portraits done a couple of years back but unfortunately life got in the way and I just didn’t get around to it. Last month a close friend gave me one of Tracey’s schnauzer coasters and it was the push I needed to get in contact with Tracey again and get the portraits done. I’m so glad I did.

Please can you tell us your thoughts about the PET PORTRAIT PROCESS … What was the experience like?

I found the pet portrait process to be really exciting. I felt that TK really took the time to listen and ask questions about Ludwig and Ingas personalities and she seemed to “get them” quite quickly, I think this really shows in the finished portraits. Once we began the process was a lot quicker than I imagined (which is great). Receiving progress pics throughout the process was great.

Did you have any challenges and what did TK do to help this?

Ludwig’s portrait definitely created a challenge. Ludwig’s personality is quirky, he is cheeky, loud and happy go lucky. On initial conversation with TK we decided to reflect this in his portrait. However upon seeing the draft portrait it dawned on me that as quirky, cheeky and crazy as he is, he does have a dead pan expression on his face most of the time. Torn about what to do Tracey decided to paint another portrait of Ludwig for us with a little less expression on his face (mouth closed, no tongue). The dilemma then came as both finished portraits looked amazing and I couldnt choose. Tracey offered to put both portraits on her Facebook page and put it to a poll with her followers. The response was overwhelming, a lot of people said get both and believe me that did cross my mind. In the end we chose the mouth closed picture as we felt it was the best representation of what he looks like each day.

Tracey had Inga’s look nailed the very first sketch she did, her face was completely spot on. Caught up in the hype of which picture of Ludwig to choose I didn’t pay as much attention to Inga’s portrait. After taking some time to look at the picture I realised I wasn’t happy with the feet on Inga in her portrait. I was very stressed about having to contact TK in regards to this as I felt like we had gone to far into the process to change the picture. I couldn’t be more wrong, TK was more than accommodating to adjust the portrait. It resulted in the picture being more amazing than I ever could have imagined. Inga’s eyes are so life like in the portrait its almost like she is going to jump out of the page.

What would you say to anyone who is considering a pet portrait?

Do it!!! But before you embark on this amazing journey make sure you have a really good think about what you are after in your portrait and make sure you communicate that with Tracey. Do you want a head shot, do you want body included etc.

To us our dogs are family, and we are so happy to have these portraits as a forever reminder of all the good times we are sharing together.

Thank you
Amber F