I was contacted by Bryce and his wife to do a pet portrait of their two papillion, Missy and Pepe..

Pepe was theirs since puppy age, and Missy was given to them as an older dog. Both were constantly bookends and by each other’s side. These two puppies were a big part of the family, like any pet I guess, and Pepe had an EXTRA SPECIAL STORY  since cancer had taken one of her legs, and she had also lost most of her teeth!

Unfortunately Pepe passed away shortly after I was commissioned to paint them so she never got to see her portrait. However the owners were adamant that her quirky loopsided face and crooked nose shine brightly in the painting!

So this was the first step. The basic layout in progress..

And then the “pressure” starts. On to the canvas! Since these two puppies were inseparable, I have also painted two dogs “as one, with Pepe (quiet a bit larger than Missy) and I have secretly put angel wings on Pepe’s portrait. Their ears are so fluffy, and I coudn’t help but accentuate these in the painting too!

And fast forward a few days…. It all came together!! A VERY SPECIAL PET PORTRAIT.

Missy and Pepe

Acrylic, Hessian and Resin on Canvas
140cm x 80cm

It STILL never ceases to amaze me how by simply pushing paint around, I can create so many smiles. I fully believe that the world needs more people to create smiles. Pay it forward, keep smiling and be extraordinary ok?






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