Want your own special pet immortalised on canvas?

Tracey specialises in this. Dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, alpacas, elephants and hippos have all sat for this famous artist (OK… well, maybe not the hippo… It stayed standing…)

Tracey spends quite a bit of time either meeting you and your pet or speaking to you about your pet. She not only captures your pet’s look but also personality and idiosyncrasies in her famous kaleidoscope style. After the first meeting/conversation, Tracey will then sketch out her ideas to present to you then paint with gusto!! The finished product is GUARANTEED to make you smile!

If you’d like your own exclusive Tracey Keller piece for the home or office wall, there are just a few things we’d like to ask you about first, then we’ll be in touch to discuss the finer details with you. (And if you’d like a Private Commission that is not of a pet, please complete this form here)