Wow! It only feels like yesterday when I painted my very first dog, and, 20 years on, I have painted a LOT of furry, feathery and scaly beasts!  Oh!! Don’t forget slimey too….

Wow! 20 years… Time flies huh?

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This “job” of mine has taken me all around the world, way back in 2003, and whilst I was exhibiting out there, I actually “met” over 20 pets and their owners for pet portraits.

And, get this, I have lived in New York exhibiting now for over 6 months and I have only ever met DOGS for PORTRAITS! Yep, only dogs…. Not one cat… or snake… or alpaca…. and definitely not a wombat! Yep, I once painted a wombat for a pet portrait… waaaay back early in my career, before I took photographs of every image… but this Wombat was named “Disco”. And Disco was depicted spinning a record on a turntable. With a disco ball above. Go figure…


Painting a pet portrait is just an absolute joy for me – I get an opportunity to celebrate the pure love between the pet and the owner and vice versa. Whether it is a posthumous celebration, from a photograph, or even meeting the pet in "person", I still love connecting with the owner and creating their special piece.

leanne and bella

So this is Leanne and Bella – both animal and painting! This was a cracker of a portrait and I love LOVE painting tiny puppies in supersize!  Leanne’s first reaction was priceless…

"WOW TK I LOVE IT!!!  So happy!!! Photos just don’t do it justice!! ThankYou for creating such a magnificent painting of my Bella!!" 

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Since it is a special painting, for a special person, of a special animal, I like to know a bit more, than just seeing a photograph. I love to learn a bit about the animal…. So I give the owner some homework…. And here's a brief explanation that shows the quirkiness of me, pet and owner!!

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pet portrait and custom cushion cover tracey keller

I love animals, I love pet portraits, and thankYOU for offering me the opportunity to create so many, and I promise this will continue for many, many happy years to come!
Animals ROCK!

Big hugs,

and of course, the TK Team!  

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