I’m a regular traveller to Bali and as much as I love the place, I do get a little peeved (actually pissed off is more like it) when galleries over there rip-off my work, or anyone’s work for that matter, and sell it to unsuspecting tourists and locals.

Watch the video below for a little ‘lightning strikes twice’ story that might leave you a little peeved too. The scene of the crime is Oxel Gallery in Bali but I’m sad to say this isn’t the only gallery that does this kind of thing.

I’m even more sad to say that it actually ruins things for genuine local artists who are on display in a gallery. Let’s face it… if the gallery has a reputation for being deceitful, how is a shopper to know what’s genuine and what’s not?

So when you are travelling and shopping for art, if you see a piece that says appears to be signed by an artist, please check in with the artist to check if it’s the real deal. Facebook is ideal for this. If you leave a message on my Facebook page or here on the website, one of us will get back to you pretty quickly. And even better, if you can send us a photo of the image that’s on sale we can verify it easier.

And if you see something that looks like a particular artist’s work, but isn’t signed by them, then know that your purchase isn’t an investment and that the paint will probably degrade pretty quickly.

Anywayyyy – I just had to get that off my chest but, as always, will sign off with a smile :-).

Tracey K