Dear Tracey,

I have just taken possession of my beautiful flying owl canvas print and it has made my day. It is absolutely fabulous. I bought two baby owl cushions 2 years ago so I have owls everywhere. I must admit my collection has taken over. I have about 600 plus owls of every description in my house. I am obsessed. I just adore them. I have been collecting for over 30 years, long before Harry Potter came along. I met you at the Sunshine Gallery about 8 years ago and have always taken an avid interest in what you are painting next. I would love to be able to afford an original, but I am almost as happy getting my print today. I am called Smiley by my grandsons (6). I didn’t want to be Grandma, Nana, etc. all too boring. Smiley I am and always will be. Everybody thought I was stupid but I love the expression on teacher’s faces when I am introduced as Smiley, so I think we must think along the same lines when I saw your email address.

Thank you so much again. Your paintings are unique.

Best wishes, Pam (Smiley) Di Pietro