I want to share something that really is basic, yet most people find it virtually impossible to understand, let alone simply do it.

Our world is becoming an ever increasingly busy and disconnected place. Everything is happening so fast. We get information so quickly and complain if our internet is running slow. Kids are growing up too fast. Personal face to face relationships are now a thing of the past with gaming/skype/snapchat etc now the “normal” way of connecting.

When was the last time you walked barefoot in your garden? Oh, you don’t have a garden, what about on ANY grass or sand?

So many things are processed and are readily available at our convenience. Food, relationships (right swipe, you are out!). A decade ago, most didn’t use an emoji or an emoticon to show feelings or emotions. Now we all use them but do we really feel them? We can hide behind our Facebook/Twitter/Insta profile pics. We can filter images and make everything can look perfect.

But it’s not. Seriously NOT.

Crime is on the increase. Our world leaders can’t agree. There is a separation between countries, race and religions. This sucks.

HERE’s MY DREAM …. that people spend 10 minutes a day having a pensive moment. Meditating, creating. Just doing something that makes you stop, sit and breath. Not think. Just be.

The exciting thing is there is a small proportion of the population that are going back to basics. Back to the simple slower life.

If the world did that I GUARANTEE that wars and unrest would end.

Are you brave enough to try?

Please let me know your thoughts…

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