In a world where we find it so easy to complain and put others down, sometimes we get messages that make us so proud of what we do. ThankYOU to Amy for taking the time to go out of your way and actually let us know how we have contributed to making you smile. Amy contacted us with this message. Proud.To.Make.Happy.Paintings! 

Amy“Hi Tracey,

On the 13th June, I went searching for Kookaburra images on Google. It was the second anniversary of my Mum’s passing and I wanted to find a unique image to add to my small collection of the bird that reminds me of her spirit. I stumbled across your painting and said to myself that I had to go back and do my homework to find out where I could find it (time was not on my side). Last weekend, I was in Noosa for my son’s first swim comp in QLD (we recently moved to Hervey Bay from Sydney). Leaving our stroppy teenage daughter to window shop Hastings Street, my husband and I ambled our way in the opposite direction to her (!), so you can imagine my absolute delight and almost disbelief to discover your gallery!! I couldn’t believe it, there in front of me was your Kookaburra that I had stumbled across on the internet only 4 days before. I promptly bought a number of Kookaburra items (coasters, pillow cases, cards etc, many of which I will be sending home to my family in London for Christmas presents – I now try and find them something ‘from Mum’ too).

So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you for your unique image of the Kookaburra, it’s vibrant colours reflect the passion my Mum had for life and wildlife. 

You say you hope your artwork brings joy to people. Well, this certainly was a joyous day and the serendipity of it made it all that more special. You don’t need to reply, but just know that your paintings made my day and Mum would be smiling too.. 

All the best with your work. 

Keep on being curiously creative.

Amy :- ) “