So we all know TK just never stops. EVER. This is what she does in her downtime. Go figure hey? Good news is she just LOVES creating this new style, it relaxes her. But we can’t have her too relaxed. I mean she’s gotta still paint the big stuff, right? SOOOOOO, we are only allowing her to do TWO of these a week. Yep.Only TWO. Then its back to work….

Georgie 696x800 2
lovesniff 766x800 3

No one can capture that special essence in your pet like TK. We wish we could bottle it so we could make a gazillion, but, sadly, TK doesn’t wish to become a genie.

So the same process happens, just like her big stuff…

She needs pics. She needs a wee essay about your beloved pet. Then the magic happens. But here, she does it all with her computer and computer pen/mouse. From scratch. No filters, no cheating. No manipulating in Photoshop. Just imagine that instead of pen and paper, she has a computer, a pen, and a mouse.

AND you are involved in the process!! You will be sent works in progress, so imagine you are the actual art director!!

Cool, huh?

Work in Progress 1



gyliir 1


Canvas Print – Small
30cm x 40cm

Canvas Print – Medium
40cm x 50cm

Canvas Print – Large
50cm x 60cm

Digital Copy only






This 380gsm 100% cotton canvas (no polyester with our stuff – we want to reduce the plastic output!) is premium soft, silky satin finished canvas is stretched onto a 40mm wooden frame. All.By.Hand. The inks are the bee’s knees. The pigment inks are certified archival and they are finished with 4 coats of art varnish to ensure it lasts forever. Sheesh!! Yep, they will last for years and years! AND… so will the stretcher bars… THEY are PLANTATION PINE – which means it’s not destroying the earth. Eco-friendly. Om!

Of course, your custom hand painted digital portrait comes ready to hang with a hanging wire.

Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss the finer details with you.

Prices are based on 1 pet per canvas. To have multiple pets on the same canvas, add $260 for each additional pet. Remember, it takes twice as long to paint two animals than it does one, so this is a great value!

Made with a sunshine heart on the SUNSHINE COAST, Australia and shipped WORLDWIDE!

Prices also include a number of special things:
1. Your very own digital painting (digital and on the canvas size that you select), including a Certificate of Authenticity.
2. Free Shipping Australia Wide. International shipping not that much, let us give you a quotation!
3. Access to TK’s VIP Club, including a private invitation to TK’s Doonan Painting Studio just 14 minutes from Noosa, with the most panoramic views ever (not open to the public!) and can see her work her magic. It is a visual feast that is definitely a must see!

Yep!! You gotta line up! BACK IN LINE!!!

Please submit your enquiry now, and also advise when you wish for this to be completed.

Please note, even if you are considering to have this done in a few months time, please book in now. TK’s painting schedule fills really REALLY quickly. We will get back to you pronto with confirmation it can be done and then a $290 deposit will be required. Balance payable upon completion.

PS: If you are requiring something quickly, please still connect with your request, sometimes we can rearrange TK’s sched!

willy updated 1