So this was supposed to be me…


I have always had El Questro Station as a “bucket list” thing for meto do. And, finally I saved like crazy, took a deep breath and booked a solo dream holiday. There…. riding luxe-style with the famous Globetrotting family.

I was supposed to be on a plane today.  And, just like that, this morning… Covid Cancellation.

My heart goes out to all of the families and businesses that have had been greatly impacted by this pandemic, and there is absolutely no way I feel sorry for myself in anyway. Maybe just a tinge of selfish disappointment. I am lucky to be healthy and still fulfilling my purpose of creating paintings to create smiles. But sheesh!! This sucks at the moment, huh?

I am passing the time away atm painting pet portraits and also writing cards. No keyboard, just a nice pen. Far out, it was so surprising at how foreign it initially feels since I am so used to a keyboard or my phone. Trying to neatly write takes longer but once I breathed into it, and reminded myself that was how “it used to be”, a warm fuzzy melancholy came over me and the words just flowed. I know when these are received to my family and friends it will be appreciated. Just like the good ol days… (Remember Penpals?)  


So as a celebration, can I offer you this…

10 cards for $30
Plus FREE shipping AUwide for orders above $65

Check out full Tracey Keller Card range here

… for you to connect with your family, friends and loved ones especially in this pandemic. Let’s start this trend again!

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Until the next colourful blog, stay extraordinary!

Big hugs!

 and the TK Team!