Since I was a young child, the laugh of the Kookaburra always seemed to happen when I really, really needed it. For me, they are more than just a bird. There is something magical about them. They protect, they hug you with their laughterpick you up when you are down and make you feel safe. When I hear a kookaburra laugh, I know I am going to have an awesome day – Just like when I have flying dreams (have you ever had one of them?  Wow, I am bulletproof after those dreams!!).

I mean, laughter just cuts the ice, huh? Even if you fake it, BELLY LAUGH! It will help get rid of those crap feelings… even if it’s just for a short moment.

Go the Kookaburra!!

Soooooo… With this celebration of laughter in mind, I decided to create two BIG kookaburra pieces – one with a single, solo bird and another one with a pair.

microflow close up 768x1200 1

I decided to paint these in my “new-style-that-I-have-never-seen-before”. A style we fondly call “microflow”.

I just love it. Totally unpredictable.The paint mixes with the other colours around it to create a riot of colour that whilst I am creating it, my heart goes boom-boodie-boom in anticipation and I hope it doesn’t end up going… well…. brown (such a meh colour for me!).

Boom-boodie-boom – have you heard that song by Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren? The cutest song, goodness gracious me!

Oops – soz, off track, back to the kookaburras…

I created a single one first. I used about 4 litres of paint – wow!  When it was almost done, I took a closeup of its face.

kookaburra close up1

Now, there was something really special with this piece, and, virtually immediately it was uploaded onto social media, I was contacted by a lady who saw it on her friend’s Insta.

Wow! This piece immediately connected with her. And she purchased it.

Here’s the full pic:

amongst the gum tree tracey keller kookaburra painting1

It’s already flown to its new home. How freaking humbling hey?

And then there was one… pair of Kookas left.

These are currently drying now, and tomorrow, they will fly to my signature gallery in Hastings Street to create more laughter and sunshine.

Tracey Keller 2019
Just About To Belly Laugh
Microflow Acrylic and Resin on Canvas
90cm x 120cm

Sooooo….. I do hope this blog reminds you to turn your hurt into happiness, and the power of laughter is a great road to doing just that!

Until the next colourful blog, stay extraordinary!

Big hugs!

tracey xx e1534394639509




PS:  I still don’t know what you call a group of kookaburras!! Ping me an email if you know. xx

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