When in doubt create more happy merchandise!

*Delivery 24 November 2020

What a freaking year huh?

…So let’s finish it with my biggest project yet!

Tracey Keller’s most famous creations are now available as a ready to hang print! 45cm x 45cm and discount for multiple purchase PLUS a FREE matching card with every purchase!

Buy one for $89.
Any two or three for $85 each.
Four or more for $80 each.
Select as many different styles as you want!

Order now and receive a FREE matching card!

So let’s start with the African superheroes….

Choose three and create an African theme!

And this two piece below is our most popular pup…
Sold together for $170 only!

Or a single Doxie….

Xmas Gifts! Don’t forget to order now to avoid courier delays!!
And it’s FREE shipping!


…And now for some dogs! 


Of course, for cat lovers!

TK’s Aussie Animals are creating smiles GLOBALLY now!

Affordable fine art straight to your door and onto your wall!


Oh, there are ocean inspired animals now!

They come in their own individual TK box, just pop out of the box and boom! Right on your wall!!

Note – they are currently getting printed and made so they will be ready to ship in 3 weeks. So place your order now and receive a FREE matching card PLUS FREE delivery!

**This offer is valid until 13th November 2020! And remember we start delivering around 24th November just in time to catch the courier Xmas deliveries!

Until the next colourful newsletter, stay extraordinary!

Big hugs!


and the TK Team!


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