Tracey Keller is always leading the way with new ideas, and this time, she has really gone against what most artists fear. She is teaching others how to paint in her style… She figures that if there are going to be copies of her work out there, well they best be bloody good copies!!

And that’s a big win for you because now you can get TK prints with texture at a price less than the copies (aka fakes) that are out there at the moment!

“I always want to push the boundaries, and I decided that since there are copies of my work now hitting the marketplace, I best teach painters to at least do it right!”

Tracey Keller

These are hand finished prints, created under Tracey’s eagle eye and extremely picky supervision. And because they are hand finished, each one unique!!

Starting from $99 for the small and $299 for the large ones! That’s not much more than you used to pay for the old Classic Print range.

Have a squizz at the video then scroll down to see Maxine, one of our awesome team doing a bit of TK style handiwork. Once you’re done there, skip-a-dee-doo over to here so you can see what’s in the range and choose your own.

“OMG it looks like a real painting!”

“I never ever thought I could afford a TK textured painting before – now I can!! Thanks a bunch Tracey and Team”

Maxine Tracey Keller Hand Finished Textured Print
Here’s Maxine busy doing some TK style finishing under Tracey’s watchful eye.