My mission as an artist is really simple – to make people smile. And if I can make them over the moon, that’s a bonus!

I was so so so over the moon when I saw it, I knew it would be fabulous but it is just soooo amazing! I almost cried with joy!! And Apple just can’t stop looking at it!! She and I love it to bits! I love the colours and the way the ink has been used!! I too love to paint and seeing the way TK has used the mediums together and the different colours really inspires me to paint with my heart and not just paint exactly what is in front of me but to put my own twist on things. When I look at my Apple, my heart melts and I smile, and I feel the same when I look at Tracey’s painting of her. I would just like to thank Tracey again and Jean for getting in touch with me. I could thank you a million times over for painting my gorgeous baby and it wouldn’t be enough!!!


Tracey Keller Pet Portrait Apple for Amy

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