Team TK

Meet Team TK! Here’s the team behind Our team consists of extraordinary people who love to spread joy and who aims to give you a wonderful experience with our products and services. Most of you probably speak to each of them.


Quirky Artist

Tracey Keller is the artist behind these colourful joyous paintings. She not only painted animals but flowers, female portraits, landscapes and more! Now she’s venturing for more happy art such her sculptures that will definitely bring more JOY in the world.


TK’s Partner in Crime

So you know what they say…
“Behind every successful artist is a successful partner!”
Well, Kim’s that man. He’s really smart, strategic-minded and cannot draw a stick person. When it comes to facilitating the crazy artist and grounding the entire family of Team TK, Kim’s your go-to man. Everyone loves Kim! Kim loves connecting with the people and sharing the joy of the brand that he and Tracey have built, primarily focused on creating JOY!


Jean Rose
Virtual Angel

Our loveable, smiley Jean is really the ringleader of us all. Jean keeps us all in line, she looks after our schedules, makes sure we aren’t late for meetings AND looks after most of the online enquiries! We call her our VIRTUAL ANGEL.


Accounts/Shipping Elf

Spencer is the quietest one in the team. He’s the one responsible for shipping your orders. A young man of few words who blushes easily!