Wow! We are getting such a great response from people commenting on how awesome it is to know a little more about what actually happens in a working gallery, and how great it is that YOU actually get to meet every extraordinary individual that contributes to our mission of creating more JOY so that world becomes a happier place!

So today, drum roll please….


Maxine has been with Team TK for almost as long as TK herself… ok, maybe an exaggeration, but she has been with us for over 4 years. When in doubt, we all ask Maxine! She started off in the warehouse and over time has moved to the gallery side of things overlooking quality assurance and generally keeping the studio ship shape!

We all need someone in our working lives to stay calm and hold the fort for us, right? Well Maxine is exactly that for the TK team, and we love her to bits! Here’s Maxine’s story:

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