Here's a sweet story.

A lovely couple and their three kiddies popped into our Gallery and they were all simply swept away into the joyous superslide of all things TK.

The baby twins were giggling, the toddler wide eyed and smiling ear to ear, and Mum and Dad just KNEW that this is the energy they wanted to always have in their home!

Each kiddie was already connected to a four legged piece of brilliance (normal, right?).

So instead of showing you the finished piece, we want to show you how TK does her magic. In order to get a "feel" for exactly what her client wants, she requests a special description about the person or pet and a heaps of pic from the customer.

MEET THEODORE – The Most Gorgeous Boy

Theodore 2

"He is the most easy laid back kid ever since. He is our glorious sloth largely because of his love of sleep and his ability to sleep anywhere, hanging off anything. Like a sloth he is also an excellent swimmer. More than anything, Theo is just the most considered, considerate, empathetic and beautifully intelligent kid."
– Emma T

From there, she starts her crazy double handed, sometimes upside down style of creation. And here's a sneak peek….

And then, after hours and HOURS of pushing thick paint and glue around, its off to the framers to make the image just POP! And taaadaaaa!! As per usual, TK and her team always exceed customer's expectations, and worked with the client to provide the perfect frame to finish this beautiful piece at our wholesale price of $250.

Here's the finished product!

Screen Shot 2021 08 16 at 2 07 12 PM

Sloth Theo
Acrylic, Hessian and Resin on Canvas
100cm x 75cm

"We’re loving them and can’t wait to see them in the house!!!" – Emma T

Happy Customer = Happy TK!!

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This is their eldest son, Theo. And wow! Just wait for the next newsletter where TK shows one (or two) of the other two twin girl's totem animal story!

See you again soon with more TK and customer magic! We are focussed on creating happy homes forever!

Big hugs!

 and the TK Team!