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Giddeup you wild, beautiful thang! Here you are, strong, powerful on the outside, but let’s check our how you feel on the inside….Hmmmm…. there it is… I just saw it… only briefly and then it dissolved. C’mon, let that bit shine out too… you are a softie too, huh? Don’t worry, I won’t tell too many people!

Sometimes you can be considered totally WILD and yet you are full on passionate about the simple things in life. I wonder whether you listen to those little intuitive messages that suggest you do something “silly”, like taking time out to read a juicy book, or slow down and do a macrame course? Or are you still waiting to jump on another horse? Whatever it is, the timing is perfect – it’s up to you! Be driven about what you want and let it lead you in the right direction because I know that once you are on the path, look out! Nothing will stop you to reach for your own personal star of happiness.

I wonder what stories this piece is going to tell you? They are your stories, just be assured that all of these stories have an amazing happy ending ok? Why are there some numbers on this horse? What about the bling on the leg? Are they stockings? Can you see the clock? The Southern Cross?

Wow, just WOW to you! Saddle up!

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