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High 5 Frog Edition 12 | Tracey Keller BRONZE Frog Sculpture



  • To read the story of this sculpture, scroll down to Description below (it’s worth a squizz!)
  • Created using the LOST WAX TECHNIQUE – an ancient process that enables intricate detail to be maintained. See the full process here.
  • Each one hand embellished by Tracey Keller and totally unique.
  • Certificate of Authenticity is recorded and given with each sculpture (don’t lose it ok?).
  • This colour range will have a limited release of 20 only.
  • Hand signed and numbered by Tracey, each piece comes in its custom made velvet pouch.

If you are interested in purchasing, please submit the below enquiry and once we confirm availability, we will forward you payment details pronto!

Here’s a HUGE High 5 to you! Oh, and you, and you, and you! I mean, if you had your way, you would be high 5-ing everyone just to make them smile right? Look at you! I mean, how many hats do you wear? But wow, don’t you wear them soo well!

You love multitasking, and adapt to suit. When something needs to be accomplished you LEAP at the challenge to support and help.


You love your lily pad, and are not afraid to dive in and fish others out of the murky depths of trouble. AND WOW… look at the support you give them whilst they are drying off.

Be yourself. Croak to your own rhythm. It’s totally cool to be different. It might freak out the normals, but it will be good for them. I mean… you catch your breakfast with your tongue, right?
Can you see all of the reminders to others in the bronze? Look at all the symbolism of the ecosystem, the messages that involve connecting with your community, and basically helping the world around you (like you already do) … everybody else can take a flying leap if you’re different.

Check out the tadpoles – I mean, it’s totally normal to have tadpoles, bees, dragonflies and flowers running up your leg, right?

In your crazy frog world you say a resounding YES! High 5 to you!!

See how Tracey created it using the Lost Wax Technique here.