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Elephant Edition 10 | Tracey Keller BRONZE Elephant Sculpture



  • To read the story of this sculpture, scroll down to Description below (it’s worth a squizz!)
  • Created using the LOST WAX TECHNIQUE – an ancient process that enables intricate detail to be maintained. See the full process here.
  • Each one hand embellished by Tracey Keller and totally unique.
  • Certificate of Authenticity is recorded and given with each sculpture (don’t lose it ok?).
  • This colour range will have a limited release of 20 only.
  • Hand signed and numbered by Tracey, each piece comes in its custom made velvet pouch.

If you are interested in purchasing, please submit the below enquiry and once we confirm availability, we will forward you payment details pronto!

When you are weary, lean on me. I will show you how to be strong. Not the kind of strength you might be thinking…not bullish brawn (although I can certainly Hulk smash when necessary). I’m talking about strength in integrity. Strength in loyalty. Especially strength in perseverance.

I am a gentle giant, and although I can take down trees with my brute strength, my true power comes from within. You get it, right?? I know you do, I’m just here to remind you that expressing yourself doesn’t have to be done with force or fist. your real influence comes from your inner authenticity, your virtue and your sense of principle. And I know you have all of that to boot!

My troop of elephants and I live by a code. It is a code of honour (or even ‘honor’ if you’re from another part of our world), loyalty and conviction. We stick by each and every member of our clan. We make sure all are taken care of, protected and loved. This is especially true for our young ones. you cherish your clan. you pay attention to those you love. you nurture your young. YouR elephant clan sticks together and unite because we know without love, there is no survival at all.

Remember, as I do, that strength is not always physical force. Power is from within. Survival depends on the love you give. And I even remember the Beatles had something to say about that too!

See how Tracey created it using the Lost Wax Technique here.