Cockatoo | Tracey Keller BRONZE Cockatoo Sculpture



Totally unpredictable, you sometimes sit back in a crowd, but only for a short time then… BOOM!! You have the cheesiest grin ever and laugh at your own jokes – which sometimes are funnier than the story (sorry!).

People love your spontaneity and your enthusiasm, and life around you is constant entertainment. Look at you, head tilted, with the “who me?” eyebrows and your flamboyant feathers, or, WAIT! Are they really feathers? Can I see something deeper there too? You want to share the party with your friends, and carry a few along for the ride, so they will also learn a bit along the way. Superstar you! Don’t change ok?

Banjo Patterson wrote some fabulous prose about the white cockatoo – have you read it? This wee cockatoo has some great stories for you to create, just make sure they are all about you, and how amazing you are ok? Oh, by the way, why do you like turtles??

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