Check This Out! | Kangaroo Painting


Aussies know this dude with a love/hate relationship. It’s an icon of strength AND has, in some cases, totally stuffed up farmland (but that’s another story and debate!)

Non-Aussies have mistaken it for an oversized Rabbit. Go figure!

I love them. I grew up with these guys, and was always in awe of their power. I remember hearing stories of the boxing kangaroo, and I would listen wide eyed and slightly fearful, to stories of mothers guarding their young, and, wow, the “big red” fearsome dad.

Betcha don’t know how many toes a kanga has huh? 1,2,3 4! Yep four. Fun Fact. Great for trivia games lol. Watch out for dem hind legs. One big deadly and powerful claw too! So much for skippy huh?

Respect to these amazing ancient protective glorious cute creatures. And our land. Leap on!

Tracey Keller Original
Check this Out! Painting
Acrylic, Hessian and Resin on Canvas
100cm x 75cm

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