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Bee Still And Have This Gift Please Edition 14 | Tracey Keller BRONZE Bee Sculpture



  • To read the story of this sculpture, scroll down to Description below (it’s worth a squizz!)
  • Created using the LOST WAX TECHNIQUE – an ancient process that enables intricate detail to be maintained. See the full process here.
  • Each one hand embellished by Tracey Keller and totally unique.
  • Certificate of Authenticity is recorded and given with each sculpture (don’t lose it ok?).
  • This colour range will have a limited release of 20 only.
  • Hand signed and numbered by Tracey, each piece comes in its custom made velvet pouch.

If you are interested in purchasing, please submit the below enquiry and once we confirm availability, we will forward you payment details pronto!

So you definitely aren’t to be underestimated! Wow, look at you you tiny thing… I know something about you … in every way you are big-time and hard-core.

Hahaha, how many times have you been called a “busy bee?”. There’s a reason for that. I mean, bee’s crew and I can build a city for 50,000 citizens within a month. How long does it take humans to build a town for 50,000 inhabitants? A lot longer than a month, that’s for sure.

You work hard. Really hard. And smart. Wow, I think of the monumental feats you have accomplished due to your hard work. And wow!! your team are your family… All of you work your stingers off to get what you want and, if needs be, you find it easy to recruit helpers to achieve your purpose more efficiently and quickly. Why? BECAUSE your strength is GINORMOUS and you are AMAZING!


See how Tracey created it using the Lost Wax Technique here.