Wow! For decades now I have been VOODOOED with chronic leg issues and have now completed my 57th operation to straighten one of my Legs! Wowsa!!

Well… I am so so SOOOO happy to announce that it has been a success YAY ME!!! I now have a straight leg AND a straight body, and my knee is now totally pain free, thanks to the two surgeons who actually chopped it off (yes, OFF), opened it up and straighted it.  Wow.  My xrays looked out of this world.  Almost bionic.

Gotta tell you, I walk past a mirror now and seeing my NEW STRAIGHT LEG (the first time in 30 LOL years). I think HOW BLESSED am I to find such incredibly talented people and have such beautiful family and friends supporting me the whole way!

I FEEL SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! Thank you everyone!

And I have learnt HEAPS.  The biggest lesson is this….

Joy and Love always conquers fear and anxiety.

For those of you who don’t know, during the 4 month rehab, I couldn’t stand at my EASEL. I decided that instead of wallowing and turning into KRAZY KELLER, I would teach myself the ART OF SCULPTURING . Youtube and mail order became my new BEST FRIENDS!

Here’s the celebration of my journey in BRONZE. Check out my CATALOGUE below, there are NINE BRONZE SCULPTURES to reveal…DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!

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