Colourful Animal Prints

These canvas colourful animal prints are ready to hang and the quality is top-notch like all of TK’s products.  You’ll get gorgeous colourful prints of animals that will transform any room. Tracey’s unique style makes her world-renowned for capturing those magical fur-buddy moments. All you need to do is pop it out of the box and hang it straight up! Prints make great gifts, and people often purchase two or three at a time.

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What is a print?

These smaller prints (45 x 45) are OPEN EDITION animal prints. This means that they are more decorative. TK's vision is to enable everyone to be able to afford a Tracey Keller piece, and these little beauties are still guaranteed to create smiles at a budget price!

Are these textured like TK’s originals?

No, these beauties are budget priced prints of animals so there is no texture. Instead, they're photographed in such a special way that they actually look textured (tricky huh?)