It is always a huge compliment to me and my team when people from my local area actually choose to invest in my work. I mean… they see my work a lot to and from their work, in the local media, and I feel so chuffed when they choose my work over others to hang in their home or office.

And, since we always wish to exceed our client’s expectations, we also then have an opportunity to personally delivery and sometimes actually install the piece – this was exactly what happened to us last week.

Here’s the history… Kylie from RJS Accounting Services Pty Ltd saw my famous Butterfly in Flow painting in the Noosa Gallery one evening.

She went home, and couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then purchased it.

Her office is less than 15 minutes away from the gallery, and we suggested the installation of a specialist hanging system from Gallery Hanging Systems (another local manufacturer).

(Note, this old piece is NOT a TK!)

Kim and I personally delivered the diptych, and I stayed very quiet whilst Kim took down an old painting and hung the new Butterfly Diptych! … and as you can see the new piece is much larger, brighter and more joyous the old piece, eh? (Note, this old piece is NOT a TK!)

Oh, and here’s some more special stuff…

Did you know that every time you purchase anything from us, you’ve also helped make a difference? We have partnered with B1G1 to make a positive impact on lives around the world through our everyday business activities. Every time someone purchases anything TK, we make a contribution, on your behalf, to one of the projects in Buy1Give1. In this instance, Kylie’s purchase has contributed to the following:

✔ We have now provided 30 days of access to education to prevent girls from being trafficked in Cambodia

✔ We have provided 30 days of tuition classes to disadvantaged girls in Cambodia

✔ We have given 30 days of access to university education for disadvantaged girls

✔ We have provided 30 people with anti-trafficking training in Cambodia!

And ohh, here’s Kylie’s testimonial: <insert proud moments emoticon!>

What made you decide to get an original painting?

I didn’t really have any intention of getting an original – I visited the gallery on Hasting Street last Monday and immediately fell in love!

How did you find the whole TK experience?

It was SO refreshing – and easy. After seeing this piece on Monday I couldn’t get it out of my mind, purchased it Tuesday and it was hung in my office by lunchtime Thursday!

What do you think about your finished product?

I am in LOVE with it – there are no other adjectives to describe how I feel, in fact, it’s hard to get any work done as I keep staring at it and smiling…

Anything Else?

Tracey’s talent is incredible – and the joy and smiles that her art spreads are contagious!


Thank you also for the contribution to B1G1 – how wonderful to think that the joy I am feeling in my new artwork is being felt somewhere around the world as well!

ThankYOU Kylie. together we can make a difference eh? Big hugs!

Tracey Keller


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