tracey keller australia's number 1 pet portrait artist

Turn Heartache into Artwork

Your Pet’s Legacy Deserves to be Seen

Do you ever catch a glimpse of their favorite sunny spot and feel a pang of absence?

It’s tough, we know. The quiet without their pitter-patter, the stillness where there was once wagging tails or gentle purrs. But what if you could fill that space with joy again?
Let’s paint the memories bright and keep their spirit alive and vibrant!
With a Tracey Keller Pet Portrait, it’s not just about remembering—it’s about making their infectious joy a permanent part of your home.
Just share a few cherished details with us, and let’s start this beautiful journey. Every brushstroke on your custom canvas will reflect the happiness and love they brought into your life, ensuring their presence is felt every day.
Each time you see your portrait, it’ll feel like they’re right there with you—smiling back, warming your heart anew, with a hidden extra…. Tracey hides a tiny loveheart and angel wings in your beautiful celebration…. It’s the little things that matter huh?
Let’s celebrate their life in vivid color and joyous strokes!