OH NOOOO!! There is a food post here!! WARNING!! lol!

So you all know that for over a YEAR we have been building our forever home, it’s been a big build, and now we are on the home run.

Most of the trades have left, and now it’s up to the landscaping/driveway dudes to put their loving finishing touches on the property. Meet Jason and Foxy (they were too busy focussing on their food to look up and smile!)…. both of these guys have been working hard. Like, really hard for the past week, and, since they work hard, they need GOOD FOOD, right?


Today’s lunch – thank goodness for a Thermomix huh?

Chicken and Mushroom Risotto – no numbers or processed crap and the CLASSIC Thermomix Beetroot, Carrot, Apple and Mint Salad.


No guys, hurry up and finish and go and put all that love into our grounds!!

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