The piece shown below is a very significant piece for TK. She completed it around August 2004. In July 2004, TK had a pretty severe accident. She was paragliding with the eagles near Mt Tamborine, Queensland. She loves solo paragliding. And she .. well… crashed.

She basically ripped her foot off, it was hanging by her achilles tendon, and she also crushed vertebrae in her back. Ouch!

TK’s recovery took about 3 years, and, still today, she has a cute limp when she walks more than 50m. (Smiling with pain is easy to do for this crazy chick!)

Within 6 weeks after this horrible accident, in typical positive TK fashion, she was back painting. Check this out…

vintage TK Painting Pig1


And here is TK’s story behind this piece….

Bob, the cow, was always fiercely competitive with Pig (Pig didn’t have a name, and Bob did relish this fact!). Bob was too heavy to paraglide. Pig loved this fact and would soar upwards in a thermal oinking all the way up at Bob below. Pig loved flying with eagles.

Note closeup – Pig has a bandaid on the right foot…That’s the foot TK damaged! lol.

close up vintage pig1

This painting in the same year did find a home, but waaay back then, we didn’t have a team of people to record the painting’s new owners, and, this is one piece we would love LOVE to know where it has gone to due to its history.

SOOOOO…. if you have seen this, or, maybe even own it, drop us a line and we can send you your Certificate of Authenticity.

Thanks a bunch!

Team TK

PS: This is a very VERY old style of TK’s, and I do hope you find it interesting to see what she did in the early millennium.

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