Hi there,

You are probably aware that I have been evolving my painting practice. I guess most artists continually evolve, adapt, and improve, so this definitely isn’t an awe-inspiring comment. What I am excited about it is what is happening on the canvas. At the easel.

Like my signature “blob” style, this new stuff isn’t actually taught like traditional painting techniques.

To be honest, I just stumbled and it worked.  So I kept pushing through with this technique…



I’m excited because these are some of the words that were popping into my head whilst painting this piece. And I am feeling pretty proud since I now “feel” this when I view the finished piece. Enough said, here ’tis:

Tracey Keller 2019
The Sundancer
Acrylic Microflow and Resin on Canvas
150cm x 120cm

This is my new style that just keeps on teaching me so much and creating so many positive comments.

I would LOVE to hear from you to let me know what you feel when you look at this piece. I would really appreciate you taking the time to send me a quick comment below.

Even if it is only one word, just to hear from you would be awesome!

Much gratitude and belly laughs (‘cos the world needs more of that stuff!).

tracey xx e1534394639509