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Hello there!

Most of my work now is producing PRIVATE COMMISSIONS for my clients, and I thought I would briefly let you know what this means, and the process involved.

This is where the special painting is to be hung.

Christina and Michael visited my Noosa Gallery. They spent a bit of time wandering through the gallery and decided they wanted their very own TK piece in their own special size to suit a specific spot in their holiday apartment.

They loved pelicans, and would often go to watch them near their apartment. They were especially taken when watching them feed.

So, after speaking about the size of the piece, their fav colours, their decor and what they loved about my work etc, I then came up with a basic pic.

They loved it! They loved the action and the movement in the painting, and we’re looking forward to seeing it on the canvas.

And this is where I get really REALLY picky…. They laughed initially when I asked for a pic of the wall since it was important for me to “see” where it was to be hung. And they sent me their wall pic…

… and it was then I advised that there was a problem with the composition… I mean, I felt that the Pelicans should be facing the other way!

Fortunately, they agreed.

And this is the finished product! To be honest, I was just moments before I slashed it but voila! It all came together. I’ve shared this pic and a video on social media and people went crazy about it! Another proud moment for me.


So there it is! I hope this blog made you smile. If you want your very own Private Commission, just click here and I’ll connect with you soon. Wishing you hugs and belly laughs!!

Big love!

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