If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know that I’ve bypassed the whole ‘struggling artist’ thing and have treated my work like a business since day one. Part of that business journey led me last year to take on a mentor, Roger James Hamilton, an entrepreneur and futurist who has dedicated his life to helping other entrepreneurs fast forward their business.

Roger’s secret sauce is this thing he calls The Genius Test. Basically it says that we all have particular strengths, and if we play to them and team up with others who play to their strengths, then our business has a much better chance of finding it’s ‘flow.’

It’s a brilliant model and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed applying what I know about it to my business and mixing with others who are doing the same. Truly inspiring stuff. I’ll put a link to the Genius Test below but you’ll have to wait for more story first.

It’s an interesting story I promise and, as you can see, it involves some African animals. Take a wee squiz at this before I continue the story below…

Tracey Keller Big Five Paintings Roger Hamilton
That’s me with some of my mentoring group and the Big 5. Roger Hamilton is the tall chap in the middle.

Welcome back. So the Genius Test divides us all up into four dominant ‘energies.’ These are Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo and Steel, with a fifth energy, Spirit, represented by Water, that ties it all together. We all have a bit of each in energy in us but most of us have one that’s dominant. It’s our natural way to learn, to lead, to live and to love. I’m a Dynamo but I’ll explain a bit more about what that means below.

Anyway, Roger has a big following in South Africa, so big that he is opening his second entrepreneur resort there this year (he’s had one in Bali for a many years now). So we got talking one day and agreed that it would be kind’a cool to come up with some African inspired TK paintings that represent the different geniuses (or genii if you prefer). And that’s what you can see in the pic above. As you can see, each painting has a dominant colour, which also happens to match the colour of the energy it belongs to.

We’re now producing merchandise from the pics as well, Hand Finished Limited Editions, Indoor/Outdoor Cushion Covers (yes, that’s correct indoor and outdoor) and, drum roll please, iPhone cases (for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus).

Before you rush off and start shopping though, here’s a quick description of what each of the energies represent. You might be drawn to a particular one because you like the description or you might just love the picture. Doesn’t matter either way but if you want to do the Genius Test to find out your energy just follow the link below.


So, looking at the pics above (click on each one if you want to see a larger version)…

  • the Lion represents Dynamo Genius (that’s me). Dynamos loves to create (yep, that’s definitely me!)
  • the Elephant represents Blaze Genius. Blazes are people people and love to connect (I’ve got a bit of that in me)
  • the Rhino represents Tempo Genius. Tempos loves to serve (I’ve got some of that too)
  • the Leopard represents Steel Genius. Steels love the details (yeah, not my strong point)
  • the Water Buffalo represents Spirit or Water Genius – This ties them all together and relates to ‘Why’ we do things. (My why is because I love to make other people smile. My art seems to do that).

So that, in a nutshell is the story behind the five African animals and you and your genius. If you want to take the genius test you can do it for free here.

And, of course, if you’d like to shop for the Big Five, you’re welcome to do that too.