Here’s my thoughts on why TK customers keep on coming back again and again and again…

DID YOU KNOW that the majority of my customers have visited my website and purchased again and again?? This is so freaking humbling, and I have pondered “why” this is the case. This is what I have come up with…

It is my intention to create joy. People put my art in their home and it naturally creates smiles.

Their family and visitors laugh and it’s a fabulous, happy, conversation piece. Now their house is even happier, so the owners feel joyous and proud knowing that what they have selected is having such a positive impact on others. And this flows out to others… It’s SOOOOOOO simple. Like the good ol’ days. Real, connected and loving.

Back to BASICS! Back to Joyful ART!

How about YOU? How many TK pieces do you have? We would love to know your story about your collection AND I will be awarding every published response a TK VOUCHER worth $20! CLICK HERE TO SHARE.

Anyways, I do hope you are having an awesome day, here’s some sneaky pics of what is coming soon in our new cushion cover range too!

Can’t wait to speak to you soon!!

Hugs and belly laughs to you and your family!


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