Tracey Keller’s pet paintings are widely recognized for their ability to capture special moments. She often creates commissioned artworks by working with the pet in person, but she can also work with photographs and video calls if an in-person meeting is not possible. Commissioned pet portraits are a cherished way to preserve the memory of beloved family members, and to keep their personalities alive. It’s also an opportunity to recall those special moments with wild animals while on an African safari. Get in touch with Tracey today to learn more about how you can own a one-of-a-kind, commissioned piece of her art.

Bedazzled 140x80 shadow
That Famous Fish Painting
Pink Cockatoo 1275x1536 1
Let Me Hear You Roar Tracey Keller Lion Painting
Tracey Keller Kangaroos 1
Tracey Keller Butterfly 1
Tracey Keller Angora 1
LeapofLovingFaithOriginal shadow
Tracey Keller Horse
Tracey Keller 5 Giraffes 1
Tracey Keller Pelicans
Tracey Keller Elephant 1
Bin Chickens and Pendek
The Friendly Riot 1 scaled
Tracey Keller Owls 1536x1236 1
Tracey Keller Cow 1028x1536 1
Tracey Keller Highland Cows 1 1536x890 1
Tracey Keller Bull 1229x1536 1
Tracey Keller Bear