Well Hello There!!

Many of you know it was my vision and dream to create a space that I can share with my friends and collectors.

A place that, simply put, is idyllic, inspiring and joyful, surrounded by the positivity of my creations and art.

We have learnt that TIME AND TIME AGAIN my creations uplift and create joy. Which, then ripples out to create a BETTER WORLD…..

Well, WE’VE DONE IT!! We are now taking bookings!!


Want to read the story on how and why this was created?
Read on, or, just click here to cut to the chase.

Here’s the story….

Kim and I feel so lucky to have personally met many of you, and some of you will know of our vision and dream.

That is to say, we want to share our dream of creating happiness and joy.

My artwork is the end result of a process which takes place at my studio and we have come to realise that it’s not just the end product that people love, but the HOW, the WHY and the WHERE that also has such an uplifting effect upon people. Many people have commented on how special it is to visit my PRIVATE STUDIO on our dream-like property in Doonan, 12 minutes outside of NOOSA.

There’s creative buzz. It’s a calm and quiet place that is joyful and happy, with a quirky twist. NOW, you can share this with us here on our property.

Your Getaway, Panorama Getaway

Most of you know that we have created our beautiful forever home. While working on that, we built a beautiful 2-bedroom luxury apartment and it’s totally separate and away from the main household on the property.

We moved in there first, and now, since we have completed our other residence, we are opening it to everyone who wants a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

It’s nestled in a two-acres and surrounded by trees and natural wildlife (wallabies, kookaburras, black cockatoos and echidnas) that has a therapeutic effect, gently nudging you to slow down and reconnect with nature. You can view the ocean from the living area and from the bedroom, you can view the mountains. Cool huh?

All yours to enjoy in a fully self-contained luxury apartment with electric induction cooktop and full kitchen facilities and all other mod cons. AND you will be surrounded by art created by yours truly. From luxury bronze sculptures, vintage originals, prints and homewares.

This is a quirky place! Not your conventional rental!!!!

“Tracey and Kim have created something absolutely magnificent in Panorama Getaway. The entire experience of the apartment, studio and the magic of Tracey and Kim is life changing. If you have the chance to stay there, please don’t even think about it. Just get on the plane, get in the car, whatever it takes, just get there. It will be one of the bucket list experiences of your life. I do hope like me you’ll get to spend some time there. You will love every moment of it.”

Paul Dunn
B1G1 Chairman

Suzie Lightfoot, Personal Brand Expert, Mentor and Keynote Speaker:

“As a Branding Specialist, I sometimes feel the need to have “some quite creative time” where I can simply relax, breathe and recharge. Tracey Keller’s luxury retreat did exactly that for me… plus more. To wake up to nature and the most magnificent sunrises and sunsets and be so close to the cool vibes of Noosa was just perfect. I have booked another stay this year!”

If you’d love to see more of Panorama Getaway, please check out the extra pics in the “Enquire” button and I look forward to reconnecting soon!

Big hugs!!

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