The Colour and Movement of Tracey Keller's Horse PaintingA few months ago, a VIP client AnneMarie, visited my studio with the intention to purchase a horse painting, but, upon arriving and seeing it “in the flesh”, she realised it was waaaaay too big for her wall.

“Oh no” she cried, and I could see her shoulders visibly slump.

(So now, insert in your mind a pic of me dressed up as superwoman!) TK to the rescue! lol!

TK: “Hey, let’s workshop this huh? That piece is 120cm x 180cm, so yes, it is a big piece. What do you love about it? What size would fit on your wall?”

AnneMarie: “I love the energy and movement of the horse, it reminds me of my younger days, I love the signature TK colour, and unfortunately the maximum width I think will fit is 120cm.

TK: “Ok…well that is a challenge, since there will be a lot of detail I will need to put into the smaller piece, but I would love to give it a shot! AND… because it’s your own special commission, let’s talk about the specific horse breed you would like, and the focal colours…How about that?”

AnneMarie: “Awesome! Let’s do it”

So here’s me, and AnneMarie on her first studio visit, and the painting she fell in love with that was too large….

A few days later, she sent me more pics of her fav. horse, and I used this as the influence to her own painting.

Glory horse painting tracey kellersundance horse painting tracey keller








THEN, once I sketched out the composition, I snapped a pic and sent it to her for approval… And then…. a few weeks later: TAAAADAAAAA!!

jumping horse tracey keller horse painting

AnneMaries elated response when she received her finished product!
“I just wanted to let you know my horse was delivered and I love him even more in real life. I couldn’t resist patting him on the nose when I first saw him. Thank you Tracey once again!”

Another satisfied customer from TK here!

sigh… I love my job!!

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